Brochures are a multi-use product that can convey a lot of information in a compact shape. Because brochures can be folded in many ways, the opportunities for designing brochures are limitless. Common uses for brochures include information on policies, programs and causes. Alternatively, brochures can also be used as a menu, a greeting card, a map and for general product/service listings.

We print our brochures on 3 standard papers

100lb Semi-gloss: When you want the finished product to have a hint of shine, try our high quality Gloss Text paper. This semi-glossy stock provides an excellent base for vibrant colour printing.

100lb Matte: For a polished appearance, try our Matte Finish. Our Matte Finish is sleek with a soft, smooth feel.

100lb UV High Gloss: This shiny, glossy finish is sure to attract attention to your marketing message.

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